Good Things

  • The weekend
  • Full tank of gas
  • No solid plans
  • Finally requesting vacation days for New Mexico
  • Having a better idea of what I’m doing in NM (shooting & adventuring)
  • Being a responsible adult by transferring money to my savings & sticking to my budget.
  • Friday night rye old fashioned

Last night, I got tipsy enough to get weepy on the phone with Dude about Life and Big Changes and Putting Myself First and having a Solo Summer and it felt good but I woke up regretting because holy shit, why. did. I. do. that.

So I hid most of the day. It was easy. I’ve not been feeling well and my boss encouraged rest so I took it. Had the deepest sleep I’ve had in weeks on my parental’s couch, just under two hours.

Finally got brave enough to text Dude to say I felt like I seemed super crazy last night and he called within a couple of minutes to say, yea, you were super crazy. I’m going to let you stew in that for a couple of hours while I finish up stuff at the office. I’ll call you when I’m home. You’ll be up, you never sleep. Don’t worry, I like crazy.

I guess it’s nice to have him back. It’s nice to have someone that gets me for who I am now. Someone with limited knowledge of who I was then. Someone that has no reason to doubt me.